Dream To Achieve. Tips And Advices For Beautiful Life

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Life and Lifestyle is a Choice. A BEAUTIFUL Choice That We Make.FitBrainValley comes-up with TIPS and ADVICES for Better And Beautiful Life. These are the Tips which will help you to live a life in amazing and beautifully way. Remember this "You Are Amazing and Beautiful person , So is the life - The Prettiest"
" Life is Beautiful - so are the choices we make " ~ Tips For Beautiful Life!

Lifestyle is a way you want to style your life, there is no right or no wrong way to live a better life. It’s just a choice, a question that we ask ourselves ‘what kind of life I want to live’,  ‘what kind of work I want to do’,  ‘what kind of friends should I have'. 

These are not just words, These Are Real pieces of Advice to change your life for a Better Healthy, And Incredible living.


Awesome Tips for  Beautiful  Life! 

1) Learn How To Learn:

As we grow older and older we generally forgot ‘how to learn’. It’s magic to learn and to learn,  To learn from our mistakes, To learn from our failures, To learn from our success, To learn from a kid, To learn from our subordinates, To learn from experiences we had - no matter whatever it is Just start learning. It’s an amazing quality one must-have for a better living. 

It’s gonna help us at every phase of our lives.

“ The day we will start learning again, That day gonna be the turning points of our life. “ 

2) Mindset Is Everything:


Do you remember what kind of mindset you have when you were 5 years old? Maybe you Don’t but surely it is different than what kind of mindset you have now. Right?

mindset is the pattern of our minds, the way our mind thinks and the pattern changes as we learn and grow. What if we feed our brains minds the way of lifestyle we want?  Yes, we can do that. 


The answer is pretty straight and simple - what if we create a kind of aura, a kind of environment in our surroundings that helps us to change our mindset and achieve what we want to! 

“  The way we think, The way we act! “  

3) Believe in yourself:


Believe in your decisions and have the guts to accept if it doesn’t work:- There are times in our lives we made some decision and it went totally wrong. It’s totally fine; everybody has faced these kinds of situations. So why do we run and not accept our mistakes and learn from them? 

Maybe the answer is we don’t have to believe in ourselves, we don’t have the guts to accept that it was my mistake and I failed miserably.  It’s damn easy to accept and learn from it.  

It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not.

4) Dear Ego, Goodbye:

Once a man asked Gautama Buddha, “I want happiness,” to which the Buddha replied, “First remove ‘I’, then remove ‘want’, so you are left with only ‘happiness’.”  Wowww it may sound simple but have a powerful reflection.

The root causes of all the major problems in our life are egoistic behavior. 

Ego begins with ‘I’ and ends when you free yourself with ‘I’. Life is short and amazing so why and for what is this ego for?

When the ego is lost, the limit is lost. You become infinite, kind, Beautiful

~  Harbhajan Singh Yogi


life must be great if we all knew how to predict the future, right? It must be great if we could know this is gonna happen tomorrow. 


We are talking about predicting our future in a self-development manner.

what if we all knew that we are doing a particular job for a particular reason. And that reason is where we wanted to see ourselves in the future. 

Time is the most powerful tool if we all could understand it, we are all geniuses. 


once a man said “ you play with time, time will play with you in the future” 

6) Set your goals and objectives for a better lifestyle:

It’s lovely to set a schedule and targets for a day. What we had done and what we wanted to be done.  Track yourself like we track a machine for a better lifestyle.  If we add good habits in our life it gonna lead us to a good and better life. Setting some targets, goals, and objectives in life. 

7) Consistency is the game:

90% of the results come from consistency. Rest 10% is how you do it. But remember 90% is far more than 10%. Are you really working hard, but now working daily? If that’s the case you need to understand the game again.  The game says practice me daily and be in charge of it. Yes, that’s the game of life.  

So now if we know the rules of the game, why are we not playing it this way? 

Are you struggling with your business? Your exercise or diet regimen. It's because of a lack of consistency.  Just mix up the flavor of consistency in your life and win the game of life. 

8) Experience Every dimension of LIFE:

No matter if you are a teen, adult, or senior citizen. We all got a life to experience it and learn and grow out of it. 


We, humans, are made out of experiences, The kind of experiences we have in our lives the kind of gratitude we show to life. 

We all have noticed “ everybody around us is different in nature “ But are they really different or the experience they had and we had is different? Just calm your mind and read it again!

Fulfill your life with different and amazing experiences. It can be with our friends, family, office colleagues, travel diaries, business, life partner. 

“Don’t stop yourself, just do it!  “  ~ Experience!

9) Maintain your physique: 

We almost forget ourselves, our bodies, our healthy lifestyle in the rush of life’s race. A race to beat our competition, a race to earn more, a race to get a better job. 


 How much do you rate your physical health? 

 if it’s less than 8 then This article is for you. 


 are you struggling with your weight or physical health? 


It’s so common in today’s time as we don’t take care or work on - our bodies.

Now, what’s the reason behind it? Is it not exercising or is it not eating healthy food? Or is it both?

Yes, it’s both.  


Our bodies need daily exercise - it can be any form of workout. It can be running, cycling, lifting weight, HIIT, boxing, or dance which include consumption of energy and energy is another form of what we eat. If we eat healthy food it will lead to better physical health. 

|  Some BEAUTIFUL Last Words |  

Still, we are on the same point  - Life is Yours -

you wanna live it Beautifully And Amazingly it's under your control!

Choose wisely in which direction you want to push your life

There is no right or no wrong direction of lifestyle. it's a matter of choice

Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle?

a mindful lifestyle?

a meaningful lifestyle? 

a purpose lifestyle?

a beautiful life?

amazing life?

so start today by taking small baby steps to build

some great habits for a better healthy mindful lifestyle

Adopt these 9  Amazing Tips and feel the change for a better in

your lifestyle!


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