Take these Simple-Everyday 10 Actions, YOU WON'T REGRET.

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Regret is Something More Dangerous Than The Word Itself - 82% of Americans and 85% of Indians have Tended to be a REGRETS in their lives for not living lives in a Worthy Manner. 

“ It’s Better To be DEAD, Then To Live Like a DEAD “ ~ Yes that’s The Saying is. We are living in the 20th century where DREAMS plays a bigger role but To Achieve those Dreams we all Need a Daily Routine And Everyday Habits. 

Loop Habit Tracker By Fit Brain Valley for students and working professionals to live Better Healthy Life.By Applying These habits in our life, one can achieve healthy and good habits life. "Habits Don't Born They Form By Us and It Determines Our Quality Of Life".

Here are a SECRET Guide And Advice for Daily Personal Habits - from some of the Richest and Successful persons who have changed their lives and have become the better best versions of themselves. 

Wow, that’s amazing, right?        

To Get the Formula or Secret Weapon from the Experts, To Change the Lives for Good and Healthy purposes.


You Might be a Student or Professional Expert who’s working in a job or have there owned business. This Guide is for you As Well To get a Daily Healthy Routine.

 Before we start         

  Remember this... Hero’s Don’t Form Over-Night, It’s Takes Discipline, Regularity, Dedication, and Most Importantly a Believe!

Here’s a Loop Habit Tracker For Students, Professionals To Have a Healthy Body And Mind.

  • SLEEP WELL |  Before Starting Another Amazing Day:      

Another day leads to other new opportunities But for another day we need to make our body, mind, and soul to get ready to work in an effective and efficient manner. Sleep plays a major role when it comes to good health. The more deep sleep we take the better our day will be!

Is There Any Scientific reason for that?

yes, there are many... many.

During sleep, our physical body relaxes and when it comes to mental health it works subconsciously, and the physical body supports healthy brain functioning.

The fast we sleep and The deep we sleep it helps us in reducing tension, maintain our organ and immune system, maintain our body weights, reduces cravings for bad calories, can improve productivity, and many more...

Isn't it a good healthy habit? To sleep fast ..... so why don't we follow it?
We have 24 hours and we only sleep for 6 hours, so 18 hours are remaining. “Yeah sure, some people say they sleep 8 hours. For them I have only one message: Sleep faster.”  ~ arnold schwarzenegger


Our Body is a formation of what we eat, what we drink. yes, Exercise plays a vital role as well but it's like - 
75% is what we eat
Rest 25% is exercise, mental health practices, and sleep.

wow, It's amazing to see how our health choices and regimes shape our life. you must have heard of this term before 'macros in diet' maybe from one of your gym friends. No matter whatever your goals are it might be losing weight, gaining weight, or gaining muscles. 

You, need to focus on your diet macros. body needs 3 major macros - carbs, protein, and good fats. 

Are we providing our bodies with these 3 macros, have a check in your diet, and if not then add up it from now onwards.

“ Generally, for adults 19 years and older, the macronutrient breakdown recommendation is 45-65% calories from carbohydrates, 10-35% from protein, and 20-35% from fat,” ~  Cohn. 


What's the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of exercise? Are those dreams we often wonder to get a kind of physique.  yeah hell yeah it is right! lol

"The way we look, The way we feel" 

yes, it does play some role. We all need to do physical activity to stay active. it can be anything be joining the gym to walking down to the street. its that simple to keep up your body fit and fine. we just need some actions to do and yes do it regularly to be the best version of ourselves.

The earlier you will adopt this habit, the better it is. In our 20s we feel like we have a lot of time, but the time flies and we ended up looking the way we don't want to! These words might seem harsh right now but that's the reality, my friend. 

" The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.” Anonymous 


Mind Relaxation is so powerful, and another name of what we heard as 'Meditation'.

Every task that we perform, the activities we do on a daily basis,
have a direct connection with our minds, like The Way, We Think, The Way We Act.

Medication can be any form of mental exercise, That makes us feel alive, happy from inside.
for some, it may be reading, or spending time alone, or any form of workout, or just sitting still for some time. 

It Can Be Anything.  

Adopt this habit of mind relaxation to become a better version of yourself.   

“ Meditation Nourishes your Awareness that you are the Self, then you can relax and have fun in this Divine Play.”― Bert McCoy


Adding up supplements in our daily diet and nutrition is really necessary nowadays for a better healthy life. There are various diet supplements available in the market today which we really needed for our body, but may not present in our diets. 

Have a checklist on must-have supplements - Multivitamins, Magnesium, Vitamin D3, Tumeric/Curcumin, Probiotics.  

These Supplements have become the best way to cure an illness naturally by proving the right nutrition to our bodies and help them to function properly and in a healthy manner. 
Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are our gardeners.  William Shakespeare

  •  Develop Networking Habit:  

Networking or making connections plays a big role when it comes to one personality. 

Being having a healthy relationship with peoples in our life plays a bigger role from every perspective of life, Whether you are hunting for a job, or planning to start your own business journey. 

You definitely need someone to guide you or help you out at some point in time. 

It is one of the greatest skills to have,  and yes these relationships build over time. So we need to be genuine by heart.

we can find out people who are looking for the same kind of profession we already are in ! or it may be the kind of common interests one has.

Helping out others gonna help us someday! , So focus on this great mini habit every day to become a helpful person.

 Your network is your net worth.   - Porter Gale 


Writing upon a piece of paper has an impact on our psychological minds. Yes, it's not a myth it's a true fact! 

The more we write, the more the chances of getting in our heads.

Yes, that's the reason why successful people have a habit of writing down their goals.

One must keep a journal to improve themselves, it can be used for writing down the daily tasks or goals one is looking to achieve or to track our daily productive habits. and some use it to write the stories as well. The experiences they had in a long day.

writing down your things is a great mini habit one must-have. 

“People who keep journals have life twice.” Jessamyn West


There was a time when nothing existed like humans in this universe, but as time flows the human species evolved and many miracles happened over time by human beings. This process is called a discovering process. 

Similarly, now we humans are digging into self-discovery of who we really are? Yes, this might be a spiritual question for some, and for some, it is more of a generic question that we ask ourselves on a daily basis. 

what is my sole purpose in this life?
what kind of person I am?
what kind of professional life I want to live?
And many more.....

Yes, these questions we all encounter within ourselves as soon as we hit reality!


And the answer is different for everyone and every answer is correct! 
So! why not adopt such a fantastic habit in your twenties, for a better and sound person.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.     - Aristotle


What does it feel after a long exhausting day out? 
To relax, right?

The only place we see is our home, or maybe a place where no one is around!
yes, it's great to be alone sometimes.

we might have seen some people do not enjoy their own company and want someone to hang out 
with, and there are times we have no one around.

Does that feel miserable?
yes, it may be...sometimes... But do we really want some people around us?

Sometimes it's better to be alone and enjoy your company. it helps us to form a better understanding, makes us a better decision-maker. we can even analyze our good and bad of the day!
 I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is ending up with people who make you feel all alone.  - Robin William

  • DRINK WATER (8*8 Rule):

Were you about to say! 

 ' I already knew this, I need to drink water and it’s benefits but what’s this 8 * 8 rule? '

 Our Body is 61.5% water in or out!  

so let me tell you. 

Drinking an 8-ounces glasses of water a day is an 8*8 rule, which is almost 2 liters (half a gallon).

Now the question arose, is it a truth or a myth?

Let’s break it out researchers are working on this for a long time now. Various scientific and practical researches are behind it.

So should we doubt it?
Definitely not.
And interestingly it’s an easy way to remember this rule.

Now it depends on activities we perform on a daily basis – but it’s better to drink out a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily.

Drinking water(H2O) affects our Physical health and Mental functioning.


Goal setting is all we needed in our daily lifestyle to accomplish our dreams and to turn them into reality.
Whether it’s our personal life or our professional life.
Setting up goals and working for them is all we needed.
Time for the magic – close your eyes and imagine yourself ‘what you really want to achieve or to create in this life
(it can be in personal or professional life)
umm. Don’t scroll do it! Com-on
yes, and now take a piece of paper and write down the difference in ‘ who you are right now ‘ and ‘what you imagined ‘!
is there a difference?
 Let’s fulfill the Gap in who you are and who you wanted to be by setting up realistic goals.

 You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.



Start off today, Start by doing Mini habits, start by breaking old bad habits, and form new good habits in 2020. The time flies, like an arrow. Take an Oath or do whatever but this year 2020 should be the life-changing year of your lives.  

Humans evolve day by day.
A Human grows day by day.


Habits develop day by day when it becomes a daily ritual habit and sooner or later it forms a lifestyle. A lifestyle one is dreaming of.

Daily Activities Are The Result of our Behaviour. And Daily Habits Does Form by Choices, that we make on a daily basis. Only 5% of the Population produces 95% of Profits - it’s not a Magic or Some Science ~ it’s pretty simple to understand - They have worked on Themselves first so that eventually they can live a quality life.  

If one needs to be better or successful at what they do - The First step is to Understand Themselves and Take Incharge of the daily routine and Habits. 

    |  Because getting Good and Healthy is in our hands 

    Change your Habits Change your Life Book!     |


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