How To Make Most Productive Mornings Routine? 90 Minutes Guide

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Mornings are better if one does have morning routine.This article consists of morning routine ideas and tips. Morning routines are really helpful for productive day.
" Disciplined Morning Routine "

Mornings Makers Are Life Creators.

There was a time in the era of history when peoples didn’t aware of when to sleep and when to wake up. Yes, I am talking about the Human Evolution Era. When no one was aware of what we Humans are Capable of. And then comes a time when Guru’s, Mahatma’s, and some Vedas were written. The interesting point is No one was aware at that time what is morning, what are habits, what are morning habits. But those Vedas lessons teach us to wake up early in the morning. 

And Boom Here we are Over-Time.

Where New Modern Science ~ Scientists Born and a lot of researches are done on Morning Routines, Rituals, and Habits.


Because Morning Habits are Important. 

Morning Habits Does Make Great Leaders.
Morning Habits Make You Feel Powerful and Stronger.
Morning Habits Can Make a Change in you! A great one.  

feeling strong, peaceful, productive are all traits of morning persons. Do you have mornings routine?
Productive Morning Routine 

Isn’t this amazing!

Morning Rituals can make a change in you. The change you were always seeking.

Own your Morning, Elevate your Life!

In this piece of content, I am gonna share with you my personal experience, and yes a lot of research that I did to make a change in myself. 

There is a saying “ The More You Sweat in Training, The Less you Bleed in War “ 

And that’s how I started -  

I Was Going Through Tough Times in my Life. I was Feeling Weaker Mentally, my Productivity Levels Dropped. Every day seems like a wasted day. And every night there was a hope that the next day can be life-changing. I started taking baby steps to change my Habits. Step by step, Every day I Made a new change in my life. 

“ A small step but still it counts, For a Big Change! “


Take those steps which you are capable of, Otherwise, you will fall. That’s the only reason why 95% of people fail because of there incapable decisions.

But finally, I make a change in myself. In my life.

“ A change, that changes my life! “ 

productive things to do in the morning. fitbrainvalley comes-up with producitive list to do in morning

Mornings Are Beautiful, So Are The Morning Routines.

I have written this Million Dollar Morning Routine Guide - For you! 

What are Morning Routine & Habits?

Morning Habits Are a Set of Activities That We All Does First Thing After Waking Up From a Deep Sleep in the Morning. When we Repeat Those Set of Activities, Again and Again, Every Morning it Becomes Morning Habits and Further More Those Habit Becomes our Routine and It Ends up Becoming our Lifestyle! 

“ It Feels Like Something is Missing if We Missed Those Morning rituals” 

Now This is True, The Majority of Us Don’t Have any Morning Habits. And that is where all The Root causes are. Stress, depression, inability to focus, lack of motivation, and a lot more. It all results in our Habits. Giving time to physical health, mental health is what Required to be on the TOP of Priority List but we are missing it out.

Morning Habits are Important! WHY?

Because to keep a check on our Mental Health, Physical Health. It is Proven Those Who Have Morning Routine Habits Are Happier. 

  Our Day is Own By Mornings. So Better Own Your Morning To Own Your Day! “

Now This is true, the majority of us don’t have any morning habits. And that is where all the root causes are. Stress, depression, inability to focus, lack of motivation, and a lot more. It all results in our habits. Giving time to physical health, mental health is what required to be on the TOP of the Priority List but we are missing it out.

How you feel in the morning does define the rest of the day and your day does define the rest of your life. Those who wake up early in the morning have more dopamine releases than the others. 


 Ultimate Ideal Guide To Life-Changing Morning Routines.

Here’s a Blueprint of Morning Routine that Successful Persons, leaders do-follow. Yes, these are million-dollar morning rituals and habits that one does follow to make a change In themselves. 

Making a Change in Ourselves is a Right, Not a Privilege.

Step by step Guide on Morning Rituals & Routines for one. Who’s ready to feel Strong, Great like a leader, Relaxed. 

Leaders Don’t Born, They Form by making good choices in life. 

This Powerful Morning Routine Guide 2020 is Divided into 5 Chapters and Ideally, it takes 90 Minutes. Each Chapter consists of steps to be taken in the Morning Before Starting Work. Yes, Morning Routine before work is really important. This Article Consists of Tips And Advice to be taken in the mornings. 

This is 90 minutes ideal checklist created by fitbrainvalley based on personal experience. Things to grasp from this list is healthy morning rituals, routine.
90 Minutes - Healthy Morning Routine Guide

Fitbrainvalley comes-up with a 90 minutes morning routine guide which is ideally followed by many successors. Each Activity divided into further chapters to get a good understanding. These activities must be followed before work for a better healthy productive day.

Before you go through this Million Dollar morning routine guide. I want you to be unbiased and ready to learn something new to make a change in your lifestyle and this is the best way to make a change. Change your mornings, change your lifestyle.

Chapter - 1

 Wake to fly - But Don’t wake-up without a WHY!

After a Deep Relaxed sleep of 7 to 8 hours. Wake up Before 6:30 in the Morning. Why before 6:30? Because it has its own Benefits. This time is considered as so natural, so Pure with a lot of scientific proof benefits. 

The first step to winning yourself is wake up early     – Sukant Ratnakar

do you have why to wake up early in the morning? you needs a why. High productivity leads to a better lifestyle. A better lifestyle leads to better living
Early Morning Rise - 90 minutes morning schedule 

Waking up Early is a Gesture Towards Life. Towards This Body, Mind, and Soul of Love and Care. It’s a Leaders Move to be the In-charge of your Life!

Not everyone is willing to make this move, But who does remarks their life as Great.

Waking up early is not just enough. One needs a ‘why’ to wake up early in the morning. If you don’t have Your  Why to wake up early and kickstart the day off. You might end up with A-lot of Hindrances.

Some Wake up early so that they can get more time in a day, some do for Morning Benefits. But Just a few People do it with a reason with a way to accomplish something and that makes them a great wiser leader.

This is no Lie, You need to understand waking up early is not just enough but waking up with a motive, with a goal is all that we needed. 

Now, How can I know the why of my life?

Ref. ( Wanted to know you're why)

“ Don’t just wake up physically, wake up Mentally too! “

Waking up Early is not just enough! Waking Up Mentally is the Goal. Which most of us don't do. 90 % of people don’t have any physical and mental regime or routine. They fall for the trap of life. And when they realize it’s too late.

So what can we do to wake up from all aspects?

Getting up physically is all we do. But Activating our conscious and subconscious is somewhere you might be lagging behind.

chapter - 2

Practice Gratitude 

Feeling gratitude or amazing is the next step we need to do just right after getting up!

“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.”

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gratitude is a symbol of -

* acknowledgment

* appreciativeness

* grace

* gracefulness

* gratefulness

* praise

* recognition

* requital

* responsiveness

* thankfulness

Isn’t it just wow. 

Gratitude is a sort of gift, a positive emotion, a blessed feeling.

That we do Need 



Kickstart our Day!

    chapter - 3

 Eat Brain food to kick off your day - 

Brain Food is a kind of food that gives a boost to our Brain. Brain foods are really helpful as it increases our concentration and Gives a Hike to our productivity throughout the day!

Having Brain Foods at first thing in the morning is the first step towards high performing day.

Brain Nuts Not WalNut! 

FitBrainValley Recommended Brain Foods are - 

  •  Dark chocolate -

Dark chocolate is not just sweet. It's rich in nutrients, High in Antioxidant food to have Before Morning Exercise Because it promotes weight loss too! 

  • Walnuts (BrainNuts)

BrainNuts is one of the Bestest Brain Food Recommended as it Covers Skin, Heart, Brain functioning and it's Mood Booster too!

  •  Healthy Seeds - 

chia seed, flaxseed, pumpkin seed, Hemp seed, and sunflower seeds. These are the top 5 Recommended seeds to remain healthy forever as it's full of vitamins and essential nutrients. 

  •  Berries - 

Power Antioxidant reduces cholesterol, kidney better functioning is some of the major health benefits fo barriers.

Every Food has its own source and Benefits. This article is just a brief of Brian Foods that one needs to eat first thing in the morning to get the effective result of it. This article is dedicated to the morning routine for productivity boosts for students and working professionals. 

chapter - 4

 Feel Energetic 

high productivity, performance is all what we wanted from this beautiful life. Early mornings are tool for high performing activities.
High-Performance Morning Routine

Finally, Here we are…

The Most Important Part of Ideal Morning Routine. Feeling Enrich, Energetic, strong, Great is what we all need to feel.

“ Waking up physically is not just enough, One Needs to Wake up Mentally as well! “

The majority of us Humans Get up and Deviate in the rush of life. Without much focusing on our mental and physical health.

So what can we do to wake up from all aspects?

Getting up physically is all we do. But Activating our conscious and subconscious is somewhere you might be lagging behind.

So here’s the Hack or Tactics or BluePrint one can Follow - Step by step.

The First Thing I personally Do or Follow is - 


Like the air in a tight container...

And see the Beautiful Sky!

        Infinite Sky.

           A Limitless Sky.

And That Inspires me. To Be What I wanted to be. 

Isn’t this sound Beautiful?

So here are the Ideal Activities one can do or one should do To feel Full of Energy. 

  • Listen To Inspire - Motivation is Temporary, My Friend 

This is the First Ideal Activity Most successful, leaders, Strong people do-follow. We are living in the most beautiful century ever and most dangerous as well. Where Time does really matter. To make most out of the time. We need to kickstart our day by giving it a direction. A direction we wanted to give. 

Yes, a direction towards where we want to reach. 

So, what should I listen to first thing in the morning?

 it entirely depends on you. Some of our recommendations are - 

  • Mantra 
  • Successful People speeches.
  • Something knowledgeable.
  • Podcasts.

One of the amazing resources, we had found for Our Premium Readers are Audiobooks performed by world-class Talent. Click and get your first audible membership or we have another surprise for you. Get 2 free audiobooks


  • Morning Routine Exercise -

Training the body is one of the Most Key Valuable Lessons. Every Successful person does have a good physique. Because they know Health is always the Wealth. 

“ A wealth with-out health is like a Premium Empty Bucket “

And who does want Empty Bucket? NO ONE!

Doing Exercise is fun or if it does not make it fun. As Ones, a Struggle is a pressure for the rest of life.

Doing physical Movements is a part of Exercise. Some of  FitBrainValley Best  Recommended ways to do Exercise are - 

  • Kegel exercisesKegel exercises can prevent or control urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor problems.

  • Swimming - It is one of the most popular activities in the USA.  

  • Tai chi - Tai chi is a traditional Chinese ancient exercise. which is basically a defense mechanism. It is also known as meditation in motion. 

  • Strength training - These are my favorite pieces of training as it helps to strengthen every part of the body by pushing ourselves to get a mile away. 

  • walking - it is a less-intensive exercise. that we all do to burn some calories. But it can also be done in a more-intensive way by walking fast.


You might know all this. 

So what’s stopping you from taking action?

I know it’s Resources.

So here’s a list of Best Resources Available for our Premium Readers are - 

  • Relax You Mind & Body:

Wow so now we had Done with an amazing workout it’s time to relax our body and mind. Relaxing Mind is the most amazing thing I personally had experience and Yes almost all successful Peoples do this. it's also called as morning routine meditation. 

One of the most common ways to calm your mind and body is Mediation. As it allows us to relax from deep down inside us and releases the pure power to give a great push throughout our day.

“Your goal is not to battle with the mind, but to witness the mind.”

– Swami Muktananda

Yes, Mediation is a form of concentration. That one needs to do for a better productive day. Meditation can be done in many forms and ways. 

Some of the Ideal Mediation Practices we can follow for more Productive day are - 

  • Step outside to try a refreshing walking meditation - 
Relaxing mind and body by walking in a peaceful place.
How's it this even meditation?

 it is. 

      Meditation is a form of concentration. which can be done anywhere - anytime by just putting our 100% consciousness into the present movement or on the
 the task we are performing.

  • Experiment with repeating a silent mantra - 
Repeating Mantra's is one of the powerful Morning meditation techniques one can do. it is a way to signal our brain/mind. what we want to do or feel.
  • Use a popular meditation app for a quick refresher - 
There are many apps out there for meditation practices but which one is genuine? 

Don't worry.

        we cover you. we had discovered the best apps to do morning meditation for our Readers.

  Mediation is no more of privilege, it’s a right and everyone has a right to do mediation practice.

  • Read to lead a life - Leaders are readers: 

It all does start from a Thought. 

A Thought to wake up early. 

A Thought of Morning Routine. 

A Thought to be Different, to be successful.

So what if we could feed our mind with a kind of Information.

“ Feed Your brain with what kind of output you want from life “ 

 As the kind of information or knowledge, we have in our Brain. The kind of Thoughts will appear. 

Now some of you might don’t have much time to read. Here’s an alternative for you. 

Alright so now as we had done trained our Mind, Body, and soul. Time to Take a relaxing bath And Purify this body and get ready for the day ahead. Wow, this seems great right. We had done a lot in Real less time. And it’s damn productive to lead a life of dream, a life of love.

Yes, it might not easy at the beginning but as we do it daily it forms a habit and that habit forms a lifestyle. A LIFESTYLE WE ALWAYS DREAM OF!

Chapter - 5 

Time To Be In-Charge of Life

This is the Ideal Morning Routine that most successful, powerful people do follow for Disciplined, High Productive life. Now that you already know Things to add to the morning routine.

Time to take the In-charge of your own life. By applying all these morning rituals, habits in your morning schedule. Everyone is unique so is the morning rituals. You don't need to apply the same morning routine. what you should do is the analysis of your day and afterward come-up with your unique morning routine.

After these 60 minutes (Ideally) of guide time to take shower, cook breakfast, and write down your goals for the day to finally start off with daily tasks and work. 

And then we have added more 30 minutes for Breakfast, journal. 

Wow, this just seems pretty time optimized! yeah? 

As the more time you get, the better it is for a highly productive day. 

Conclusion - Ideal Mornings Routine. 

Some of the key points we want to gather from this 90 minutes early rise guide or morning routine guide. Mornings are beautiful so make a new habit of waking up early in the morning. No matter if you are a night person or not Because Habits are meant to change and further those habits make a change in us. A list of a morning routine is all you need to achieve success.

Quicky Summary

- Wake up before 6:30 AM in the morning. 
- Don't just wake up Physically, wake up mentally too.
- comes up with WHY, the reason to wake up early. 
- Practice Morning Gratitude. 
- Eat Morning Brain Foods.
- Feel Energetic - 4 ways to feel energetic.
- Time to take life in-charge. 

Morning Routines are essential in today's life. In a life full of rush. To remain healthy, fit, strong, energetic one does need personal morning rituals, a regime, and a routine. It is not compulsory to have an early rise guide of 90 minutes. you can start with 30 minutes of guides or less as per your need, time, understanding. 

Some of the key aspects of early morning rise - Morning Exercise, Morning Yoga, Morning Eating, Morning Meditation, and many more morning activities. so now you know the power of a morning routine. 

Do you Have a Morning Routine? If Share with us. Feel free to reach us. Subscribe to our Newsletter 3-2-1.


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