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Feeling sorry for yourself, and your present condition is not only a waste of energy but the worst habit you could possibly have.

Types of habits one need to know about it in life. these habits can form ones better version.
"One Needs To Be Still! To Learn And Change Habits! "

The Best Way To Live Life is To Discover Who You Are And What You Wanted To Be. Because That's The Beginning Of Discovery of Good New Habits.

It's Not Easy to Form a New Habit in a Pinch. Yes, That's Truth in The Ideal World. We are Living In. But It Plays Key Role To Make a Change By Learning About Habits And How To Form.

There are Many List of Habits pdf available over the internet But This is a Personal Habits Guide list. That we had Learned And come across. We had not founded These Bunch Of Habits. But we had learned them by spending a lot of time. 

This Article Is Part of Secret Habit Guide. FitBrainvalley has come-up with 4 Types of Habits in Addition to Bonus ( list of Habits) For its Premium Readers.  

List Of 4 Types Of Habits :

  •  Initiating Habits.    
  •  Avoiding Habits.    
  •  Unconscious Habit.
  •  Conscious Habit.  

Additional ( Types Of Habits)

  •  Motor Habit.   
  •  Intellectual Habit.
  •  Productivity Habit. 

So In Total, it's a List Of 7 Types Of Habits.

" List - Chart of Types of Habits "

- Instating Habits:

On the Road Map Of Life, Instating habits play a vital Guide Role. It Helps in our Chosen Ideas and choices. It doesn’t matter If the objective is achieved or not but what matters is enjoying the process of doing it. serendipity, Negative, or Positive it guides us on a path. A Rewarding path. What’s so important in this Habit is the Movement of the process, not the Goal. It Guides us in Leading every day that’s what matters most.

The Thing that matters most in Instating habits is the input, not the outcome. Whatever comes across is treaded as a winning situation as a success.

Example - waking up early, meeting an old school friend, reading, exercise, cooking breakfast.

- Avoiding Habits: 

These are the Spoiled Habits that we had developed and now we wanted to break it. It can be Something bad or unhealthy for us. Likewise smoking, drinking, sex addict, gambling, mobile addiction, gossip. 

Our main focus in these habits is to Replace our bad habits. And to channelize our Interest And focus to somewhere else we want. No one really likes these Avoiding habits until one realizes that it’s harming habits.

To move these habits towards instating - one needs to reframe them. That is - Don’t stop it, try to channelize it in another direction.

Here’s an example - Drink But not alcohol, Drink something healthy. Here’s another - Don’t gossip, give a compliment. 

This is the best way to change Avoiding habit to Instating Habit.

- Unconscious Habits: 

These habits one does develop, without Being putting many efforts. Sometimes we develop these habits without being aware of them because it does build overtime and unconsciously

Here’s an example - Eating breaking in the morning, sleeping at night, Taking Bath Every Day.

Human behavior and mental process is the result of our subconscious and unconscious nature. Yes, this statement is 82% Truth!

These habits can become Instating habits as well - but before one needs to discover these habits. 

- Conscious Habits: 

These are the habits that we do build by feeling them, by learning about them. Conscious habits can be considered as anything we do while we are active - mentally or physically. 

Examples of these habits can be living in the present movement and learning about something in real-time. 

Should one Consider Converting Conscious habits to instating habits?

In my personal opinion!
Definitely yes. 

Because if one wanted to live the best version of themselves, one needs to learn how to live in the present movement and not just for getting the fruits of the End Goal.

- Motor Habits:

You might have never heard of this term before so we are. These habits are Related to our body’s muscular activities. That we do on a daily basis. In the words the physical activities we Human does.

Example - working out daily, exercising our muscles to make it more strong. weight lifting, sitting, sleeping, walking. Anything in which we are moving.

- Intellectual Habits: 

These are the habits that we develop over days. Year by year by knowing and learning about life’s lessons. 

Observations skills, logical thinking, the perception it comes under our intellectual abilities or habits. One can develop it by reading, listening, and learning.

- Productivity Habits: 

These are the habits of our productive nature. That is how we do spend our daily life. What tasks and activities are we performing in our everyday life and how do those habits making us and our life better in a productive way. 

Short Notes on kinds of Habits -

Which Habits is Best to live a Mindful life? 

Now You Have Gone Through Different Kinds of Habits and it's characteristics. Time to Decide which one is The Daily Habit To Improve Life. 

Instating Habit is The Winners Habit And we all Need to Learn and Live Through This Habit. The Habits of Succesful peoples. It's Not Easy to Live life without Expectation But that's what the Key Source of Real Happiness is. 

To Live a great life one needs to learn to live in the movement without Being Thinking of The End Goal. Because Those who know how to enjoy the process are the real successors. 


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