Why Leaders Are Readers? Know How

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 Not All Readers are Leaders, But All Leaders are Readers  

Readers are leaders but not every reader is leader. why is leader a reader? fitbrainvalley comes up with reasons of why leaders are readers
" Read to Lead a Life "

Reading is one of the Most Top Rated Skills one must have to make a change, an impact in their lives and around too! So do you consider yourself a reader?  Or Do you want to become a reader? 

Because Leaders are Readers and here Leader Does mean someone who is the In-charge or has Control of his/her life. Yes, You Read it Right. 

Right now You Might be on this page because of these 2 reasons. 

So, if you want to become a leader you must start reading from now onwards But keeping in Mind the Objective of ‘ Why Do I Read ‘ and it will turn you out into leaders. 

Reasons Why Leaders are Readers?

  • Reading makes them makes Better-Decisions: 

Reading is so powerful it allows us to have access to a lot of knowledge and experience which is not ours but we can implement it in our business or for our personal purposes as well. Will a lot of thoroughly content understanding leaders does make a better decision by forming different approaches. 

  •  Reading with a purpose in mind. 

Just Reading or Reading anything will not make you a leader. Reading something to Grow Yourself or your Business and further implementing it to Make an Impact does make you a leader. All Leaders have one thing in common They Understand Things at a Granular Level, not at a superficial Level which most of us do. 

              That's the only reason 5% of people, do 95 % of Work 

  •  Reading is a superpower.

All Leaders Does Believe Reading is a superpower. If you want to live multiple lives in a single life. You need to start Reading As soon as possible. The More you read, The More you Learn And the More you learn, the more your implement, and the more your implement, the more impact it makes, and for that, you need a superpower and here the superpower is Reading. 

  • source of Knowledge 

 Every Leader does have understood reading is the source of knowledge and the more they read, the more knowledgeable they will become, and that knowledge, the skill will make them be part of 1 % of the world’s population. 

  •  Reading gives insights 

Not Everyone who does reading has a good understanding of deep insights into knowledge. why is that? Because Reading with a motive and reading without makes a difference other is reading regularly and non-regular. Every leader does understand the deep insights of knowledge and that's what makes them a leader. 

Have you noticed one common thing in all the pointers of Reasons why leaders are readers? All Reasons at some level are pointing at the granularity of Mindset. 

The model that Every Leader Does Follow

Every leader is a leader because of the granular mindset. If you want to be in that 1% you need to know about this model. 

  • Growing: 

The First step towards the Self-Realisation path is the willingness to grow. To learn something. Learning something new does need a learning and growth mindset. 

  • Implementing: 

Once you grow by learning the skill or knowledge the core part is to implement it. Every leader is a leader because of this step. It might be Possible a lot of Resistance may occur in the path of implements and that’s where the knowledge appears. 

  • Impact:

 After implementing that Decision comes an impact. Every Decision, choice you make leads you to an impact, a powerful impact and that impact does have an effect on many lives around you. 

So this is the simple yet granular level of approach every leader does follow. 

  • Loop:

 Let this process of learning & Growing, Implementing and Impact does works in a loop for you. As No One Does Become a Leader by reading a book or 2. It takes a lot of Time, Resources, Understanding to form a Granular level of understanding. 

And once you reach that level of understanding. You will love this habit of reading and based on your understanding you will come across why Reading is important and what it does to your brain. 

some End Notes :

World-class leaders are readers and now after reading this article, you have gotten the reason as well. so now the question you need to ask yourself is  - Do I want to be in 1 % of the world population? And if the answer is yes. Start Reading and implement this model that we have taught you. 

Summary for why leaders are readers : 

  • Reasons why leaders are readers Because they Read with a purpose in mind, Reading makes them a better decision-maker, Reading gives them Insights and knowledge, reading is a superpower.
  • A Model Every Leader whos is the reader does follow for Granular level of understanding - Grow - Implement - Impact - Loop!

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