What Are Habits and How to Form Good Habits and Overcome Bad Habits

Aug 15, 2020 1 comments

Habits Guide - Habits Definition & How to Form Good Habits.

The moment we turn 20, we seek to understand from being understood. The meaning of things revolved around us starts to change. what if we could change ourselves for the betterment as well.

We Human Beings are all Made-up of Habits and those Habits were Made by us.



That is interesting, right?


We Have the Choice to Choose what we wanted to be. Many of us are Facing a Challenge when it comes to changing our Habits. Life must be easy if we could change our Habits in a pinch. 




The reality is it’s that easy. But for that, we need to understand the term 'Habit'.


Habits are the pattern of doing repetitive actions again and again. Yes, that’s it!

Simple Definition Right? And so powerful to change our lifestyle. Today what we have and who we are are all the results of our habits. We might have some bad habits and some good habits.

Different Definitions For Habits -  

Habits are the small decisions, small choices that we all make on a daily basis. And as we all do it on a daily basis it settled down in our subconscious mind.

Do it for straight 21 days, and it will have a great impact on your life! 

- Example Of Habits :

Everything we do Through Out the Day. From the movement, we do open our eyes till we close them at night our every action is considered an example of Habits.

Brushing Teeth, Bathing, Exercising are all part of the Morning Routine and so does it's are our Habits. Even Working, Going out for work is part of our Habits. 

Further, The Habits are classified as Good Habits and Bad Habits. Every one of us has good as well as bad habits and it's completely acceptable.

What makes a Habit - Good or bad?

It's Outcomes. Yes, Outcomes or Results of our Actions and habits do make habits a good habit or a bad habit.

What Are Good Habits?

Habit considered being a good habit when it's helping us to increase our productivity and the output of those habits leads us to a better lifestyle. 

- Example of Good Habits.

Some of the Examples of Good Habits are - Waking up Early, Daily Exercise, Reading, learning new skills, Eating Healthy Food, Growth Mindset, Mindfulness practices.

What are Bad Habits?

Habit Considered Being a Bad Habit when it's degrading our productivity levels and leading our life to unhealthy practices along with the output of a highly poor lifestyle. 

- Example of Bad Habits

some of the Examples of Bad Habits are - Eating unhealthy Food, consumption of abused substances, Fixed Mindset.

How To Form Habits ( Habits Formation )

Forming a New Habit or Replacing a Bad Habit with Good Habit is no more a Dream.

You can change your habits but Before that, you need to learn about Types of Habits and how can one actually form them.


want to change your life? Change your Habits First.


To understand how one does form Habit Consciously. We need to look at how one forms habits sub-consciously.


So here’s a question for you. 


Why do you do breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon, and dinner at night?


That’s pretty straight and simple Because Food is fuel for our body if I don’t eat I will probably die xD blah blah… 


But that’s Not What the Question is.


The question is why do you eat in this manner and on a daily basis? 


Yeah because my body is habitual to it. Yes, that’s true. This is our body’s Habit.


And how does it become a habit? Because you had practiced it Daily! Now we had learned the formula. let’s implement it for our conscious mind.


Practice Daily - So it can become part of you and your routine.


You can’t achieve something overnight. The only thing one can achieve over-night is a scam. Do it daily whatever habit you want to develop and that’s the number #1 Tactic to get it.


- Here’s a formula for Forming Habits 


Input -

Put your efforts + don’t give up + practice it daily!



A new habit and a better Lifestyle!


Here are stats “1 out of every 10 people in America dream to build an empire and a great life. But only 1 in 1000 people Does have capable to achieve it! “

Why’s that?

 Because of our Poor Habits and Choices.


We are living in an era where one can accomplish anything one has dreamed of! Just by working on the Habits. Every day we wake up and We got choices to make. The kind of choices we made, leads us to the kind of life.

Every choice leads to different Road of life.


Yeah, My Friend…

Choose WISELY!

What you choose is what you get.


Choose to eat healthily – gives you a healthier life.

Choose to exercise – gives you a better Body.

Choose to read – gives you more knowledge.

Choose to do meditation – gives you Clarity of thoughts

Choose to Eat junk – make you feel sick.

Choose to watch movies – gives you just Entertainment.


Wow that’s amazing I have the power to choose my daily activities and those daily activities will develop my Habits and those activities get me a Better lifestyle.


 Short Note on Habits -

Now that you have read about what are habits & Habits definitions. you have a good aspect of knowledge regarding what to do and how to form habits. This is a quick short note for our premium readers.

After reading this out. we want you to create a list of good habits and bad habits for yourself that you do throughout the day and another list of what you want to do But missing it out on. 

And Go through a deep analysis of what needs to be done to bridge the gap. Because that's what the secret is to the habit. 

once you got to know which habit you want to work on and create that will eventually the game-changer or life-changer for you.

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