Meditation with Eyes Close or Eyes Open?

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We Are Living in 21 Century, Where Things are No More The Same. Our World is Moving Way More Faster Than One Can Ever Imagine. The Desire To Live a Better Living Makes our Life More Complex & We are Not Even Aware of It Until It’s Too late. 

Why? Because we are too busy in the Rush of Life. What about Calming our inner self, Relaxing our mind and body, and Meditating? None of This is in our Priority List Anymore. But instead what’s in Our Priority List? 

"Open Eyes Vs Close Eyes Meditation Guide

According to a study By National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health ( 2012 Study ), It is Stated That Only 8% of U.S adults are in the Habit of Doing Meditation. What About the Remaining 92%? 

Meditation is The Core of Our Life. A Core Which We Are UnAware of Until We Practice it. Meditation Can Be Done in Many Forms and Many Ways. But Today’s Question is Should You Meditate With Eyes Open or Should We Meditate with our Eyes Close. 

And There is No Direct Answer or No Direct Approach to this Question. It Totally Depends on Personal Preferences and Personal Experiences. But As I am into Meditation For a Couple of Years Now. What I Can Assure is Open Eye Meditation has its own Benefit, and Close eyes meditation has its own benefits. 

So it Doesn’t Matter if you are Meditating with your eyes open or eyes close. The Only Thing Matter is if Meditation does make you a Better Person or Not!

Better Person in what Sense?

Okay, so Here you need to Answer These Questions To Yourself: 

  • Are you in a Mindful state that you can control your Emotions?

  • Do You Have a Clear Though Processing Through Out The Day?

  • Are You in the State of Mind To Channelize Your Thoughts Into Action?

    Fact Within 3 Minutes of Meditation Our Brain Releases Dopamine, It’s An Feeling Great & Happy Hormone! 

The Main Purpose of Meditation is to have a clear Understanding of Decision Making Power. Yes, That’s True.

We are in a Rush of Life Full of Choices, and Each Choice Leads us to Another Choice and Each Decision We Take Does Really Matters. To Make An Efficient Choice, we Need to Get Clear & Decisive Thinking. The Only Way To Develop Decisive Thinking is To learn How To Meditate. 

Meditate Doesn’t Mean Sitting somewhere with eyes open or eyes close. It’s just one of the 1000x Ways.

I know You are Really Interested In Travel This Incredible Beautiful Journey. Learn More About Meditation Guide.

Should I Meditate with Eyes Open? 

I Was Not Aware of This Concept Until Some Months Back I got to know about it through Reddit Community Conversations.

Because for me, Meditation is a form of practice to connect with the roots of who I am & what can I become? Finally, I thought to try Meditation with eyes open for some days & soon that days turns into weeks. 

Here I am sharing my personal experience along with some research on what people express regarding open eye meditation.

Firstly I faced some problems while doing open eyes mediation due to some outdoor distractions, seeing a particular object for no reason at all.

But after a week or so, I felt a sense of more focus with eyes open or partially eyes open & I understood the concept of close your eyes narrow your focus & on another side “ Open Your Eyes, Widen Your Focus. “ 

Should I Meditate with Eyes Closed?

Close eye Meditation was part of my journey for so long & The Reason why I started this Practice was to calm my mind, my inner self & feel a sense of energetic vibes in my body. 

This Practice taught me how to channelize your emotions, control on feelings & a motion to live every mindful moment of life. 

Practices are Mindful having their own impact on every unique personality. 

Which Meditation ( open eye or close eye ) one should you adopt? 

I would say keeping a balance in life is what we all need, so I would recommend trying out different meditation techniques. As here’s nothing to lose, but a new approach might add on another beautiful dimension in your life. 


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