The Secret of Manifestation : How to Attract Anything You Want

Dec 19, 2020 1 comments

Life is all About Manifestation, are you living your life upto? comes up with a guide on Manifestation's Secret
" Manifest Your Life in Year 2021! " 

Do You Want to Build a Life of Your love, A life you Always Wanted to have

But How? What’s the Secret?

And the secret is none other than Manifestation!

Are You the one who had heard about Manifestation a lot & curious to Learn more, Know more? 

If that’s what the case is, this is a perfect article for you to understand Manifestation & Does it Really a Thing or Not.

Before we begin, I want to share my story. 

I Am 22 Years Old Guy from India. Yes! We do know for our tradition & Diverse Culture along with that we do know as traditional followers. 

When I was 20 or so, A Thought Came to My Mind, WHY am I Here & What am I Doing With this Life. That was the day I Started Exploring & Understanding this Life While Questioning it at Every Stage. 

Still, I am at Questioning Stage. But one important lesson that I had learned in life is Manifestation & Yes It Does Exist! 

Know More About Me!

Are you Struggling with your life?

With your Money Problems?

With Your Relationships?

With Your Career? 

Or, What so ever! 

Manifestation is Not Something That Does Happen Over Night or in a Blink of Eye. 


Had you heard of terms like “Law of Attraction”, “Desire”?

If Yes that’s what Manifestation is & No There is No Secret To it. 

It is Like an Open Book.

Everyone can read it, Understand it just merely by observing the lives of people around us.

What Exactly is Manifestation?

Manifestation is a Desire to Achieving Something in life by thinking about it, Felling it & Finally Ready to Accept it without Expecting. 

And Yes! The Most Important Feeling Thankful & Grateful oh having it.


Another Definition of Manifestation’s Secret! 

Manifestation is a Sign of “something is about to happen.” 

So, Let’s Break it Down to for our readers.

Step By Step Process of Manifesting someone in your life.

  • #1 Plant a Manifested Thought & It Needs to Be Really Clear - No Doubts. 

Everything in life does begin from just “One Thought” To Think of what do you want to Manifest or Desire in your life.

Once the Plant of Thought has been fixed. One needs to be sure of it & Doubt Free Because Doubts do lead to Nothing in Life. 

Just feel confident about your thought, you can’t achieve Something in life unless you really attract it towards you.

Can a poor man invest 1,00,000 Dollars? No, The Poor Man DON’T Have, But He Can in his Mind & Thoughts.

  • #2 Stark Working Towards your Thought.

Yes! That’s true you just can’t get Something for nothing in return. 

So, You have to begin working towards it, to get it. 

Can a Jobless Man Get Job Without Showcasing his/her work or at least without the skills?

Exactly Nooo!

Can you Find Love of Your Life without Meeting Peoples?

Exactly Noo!

But By Initiating your Steps Towards Something is the only possible way of achieving what you had Desired or Manifested. 

So, ASK The Universe & Put Yourself Into It.

  • #3 The process is Full of Ups & Down’s:

Nothing Could be Achieved in a pinch. The process of getting or achieving Something is full of hindrances, Especially when it is your Desire. 

You Need to be Flexible, Doubt Free, Comfortable in this process & Trust it because that’s how you can achieve your Manifested Desires.   

  • #4 Still & Observe: 

Be Calm & Still Because what you have Manifested is Really Close to you, The Only Thing is you need to accept it, acknowledge it by keeping your Trust, Frequency High. 

Are your Vibrations High?

It Needs to be, No matter what’s going around. Sometimes it does takes a third eye to observe. 

  • #5 Finally, Clear Your Resistance & Achieve Your Manifested Desires:

Resistance is a part of the process, Getting Something you wanted & DesireDesire is not easy. The path is not clear, so you need to work for it to clear the way. 

It could be anything.

While Manifesting, These Points Needs to be Keep in Mind! 

  • Don’t Doubt: 

Do Not Doubt The process, if once the thought has been planted just do your 100% no matter if you are getting anything in return.

  • Be Comfortable: 

While Following this secret process of Manifestation. You should be comfortable with your decisions.

  • Keep Going:

For sure, at some point in time, this saturation will hit you up. So Do Not Leave It In Between if you had started it just Keep going unless you Get it! 

  • Be Thankful:

You Should be Grateful & thankful for this beautiful process of Manifestation. That does evolve you as a human & get you what you had wanted.  

If you had Made up till this point, you must have understood this secret concept of Manifestation which not many people are aware of to be really honest just 0.2% of the population does know about it! 

It Sad Right? 

But at the same point, you can consider yourself as Lucky once as you know about this manifestation secret concept! 

P.s that is why it’s a secret

You Can Manifest anything. Yes, Anything

Manifest Your Relationships.  

Manifest Your Life Journey. 

Manifest Your Love Life. 

Manifestation is a Life-Long Process, so keep doing it & just believe the process! 

And Yes!! It’s No Longer a Secret For you Now. 

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