How To Become Mentally And Emotionally Strong!

Jan 17, 2021 1 comments

Being mentally strong, emotionally stable is a wisdom and blessing. Are you independent and mentally strong? if not this article is a personal experience guide for you written by kushal kukkar. how to become mentally and emotionally strong is a list of ways one can adopt to become better version of ourselves.
" Mentally Strong and Independent is Wisdom & Blessing! " 

A Beautiful Journey of my life begins when I started Exploring this Wondrous life by provoking it at every stage of life just by Questioning, and everything starts from being mentally strong enough to face the challenges of life? 

A Question that makes me think again & again about the significance of this living: become Mentally Strong & Emotionally Strong plays a vital role in the kind of life we live & the type of human being we are. 

4 Years Ago, this story began when I was living but was not in my life's best shape. 

Here Best Shape doesn't mean Just physically … 

I don't know what I was dealing with. Was the situation harsh? I know that the way I used to deal with the situations was not a mindful way of living & thus, it provokes me to think am I a mentally healthy person.

Damn! It was food for my thoughts. Those were the days I was not in charge of my own happiness.  A Road that I had never traveled before. YES! I choose that for myself

 ~ A Future Me! 

#SelfExploringPath -

Today, when I am writing this in 2021, Travelling in Train & once again just observing the lives, the people around. 

"Don't Cry Like Girls.

Have you, too, encounter this Phrase Often? Being Strong Doesn't Mean avoiding crying. 

Are you Mentally & Emotionally Strong Enough?

Being Strong Doesn't Mean Avoid Crying. 

Tears are natural & it's completely okay! The real talk is - Do You Think Your Brain is Strong Enough to find the solutions of problems & tackle them like king/queen or NOT.

Because Problems are part of life & that's what makes this life interesting. We Grow, We Learn, We Evolve Because of problems around us. 

If you have problems in your life, consider yourself a lucky human as it's the opportunity to become the next better version of yourself. 

How To Become Mentally Strong?  

Let me share my insights that I have learned over time, don't take it as just a guide. Take it as a life lesson that can save you 4 years of a lifetime & make you better than before because you already are best. 

5 Ways To Become Mentally and Emotionally Strong - 

These are the ways that I had personally implemented to overcome my unmanageable emotions and it will not disappoint you if you implement while considering for the long term.

  • Start Believing in yourself :

Belief is powerful, yet in our control emotion, if we start believing ourselves life become better & so does, we become a better version of ourselves. We all human beings are limitless and capable enough to sustain, no matter how difficult or beautiful roads are … roads of life.

What does it takes to believe in ourselves?

A thought, an act of courage, a belief that we think as truth is what we all need to believe in ourselves. Yes! Plant an idea in your mindset & change life for the better forever. 

  • Explore your life : 

Explore is a beautiful term. If one wants to sustain in the mental game should have exposure to diversity in life. As the more roads one travel, the better understanding one develops. 

Explore doesn't mean to be lost. It does point to find our real purpose, which eventually makes us understand the importance of "whatever happens, happens for a reason."

"Knowledge & Experience are Always worth it, The more you take, The more you become better & mentally strong enough." 

  • Start Questioning :

Have you ever wonder why you were better when you were a kid. Because you were curious & curiosity leads to exceptional results. 

Curious minds are the backbone of every great discovery in the past & yet the future is about to come. 

Develop a habit of questioning rather than blindly following because to become mentally strong enough, we need to have a solution-oriented mindset rather than a problem-oriented one. 

  • Understand Rather than Making Complex :

Life is better when we have answers to all the complicated situations, complex questions. Right? So are you making your life problems complex or making it a linear equation that anyone can solve. 

Choice leads to results & here's an option to make a situation complex or simple based on our understanding. Every successful leader has some everyday things like a Granular level of thinking to make life situations simpler rather than complex. 

Fact: Every Leader is a reader.

Belief - I can be a leader too if I start reading. 

  • Become Mr. Nobody :

When I was 17 years or so, a thought came to me by just observation. A friend of mine was in some problem & was struggling and boomed to help him with the solution. 

Haha lol! And suddenly, when the problem, the crisis came to me, damn, I was blind and had no idea how to solve the problem. 

Suddenly dots connect, and I thought - what if I believe this is not my problem & I am here to help one of my imaginary friends with this crisis, and I was with an apparent clear-cut answer for the situation in really little time. 

Why do we feel the need to become mentally healthy?

Because we think we are not strong enough when it comes to mindset & emotions. But in reality, we should be asking ourselves how many problems we have faced in past times & how I came up with solutions. 

Remember, to become mentally healthy required a stable mind. 

Am I Mentally Strong and Emotionally Stable Enough?

Hello, i am kushal & writer of How to Become Mentally Strong. This Article is a list of 5 ways that one can implement in real life to overcome and become emotionally strong and independent. This article is a wisdom guide that i had learned in 4 years of lifetime.
" Hello!! This is My Story. Become Mentally Strong "

ABOUT ME:  Hello, Myself Kushal from India. I am a 22-year-Old Guy Who is Fascinated by Stuff which our young generation has been forgotten. I am on a self-exploring journey of life know more about me... 

YES! I Belief that I am mentally strong enough to fight & sustain the crisis, problems, and come up with solutions in the meanwhile. 

Maybe I was not, but time is a fundamental equation of life that made me stronger & better over time. Sometimes I feel like giving up but having a growth mindset is the key to our mental/emotional game.

Before we end this article on how to become independent & strong enough emotionally. I want you to remind yourself you are doing great, just do not stop & keep walking, crawling but don't stop. It's a belief we live on, accept ourselves & free our mind for wondrous life ahead. 

Hopefully, this article will develop your growth mindset, and you will continue this path of being emotionally stable, independent on this journey of becoming mentally healthy. 

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Be Strong, Mentally Stable, Emotionally Available & Keep Evolving…..


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